Whether it's a bathroom up fit, kitchen renovation or roof replacement the Chris Company can assist you in materializing your vision.  We have expert employees with years of experience, and we are committed to providing superior service at competitive rates. 


The Christopher Building Company handles new construction projects up to $500,000.  We can serve as construction managers or general contractors depending on your preference.  We can help assist with land acquisition or build on a lot that is already owned.  Our policies and procedures ensure that all phases of the deal run as fluidly as possible.   

Residential Services
Home Renovations & Repairs
New Home Construction
Humanitarian Homeowner's program

The Christopher Building Company has an innovative "Humanitarian's Homeowner Program."  We aim to serve those who serve communities across the country.   Our program is comprehensive and includes personal coaching sessions on budgeting, student loan reduction, tax assessment disputes, credit disputes and wealth creation.  The program allows eligible participants to take advantage of a federally backed program which provides a 50% discount on home purchases and allows all participants to customize their home.  Typically, all deals result in the client having equity built into their property the moment they begin homeownership!  The Humanitarian's Homeowner Program is exclusive to teachers, police officers, fire fighters, emergency technician workers and other public servants.



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